Kilcoy Blue Diamond

Reward the hunger with a classic Australian beef

For a high quality meat that delivers an excellent eating experience each and every time, Kilcoy’s Blue Diamond is the obvious choice.

Kilcoy Blue Diamond

Unquestionably Satisfied

A deliciously tender, flavoursome meat that leaves you in no doubt that we deliver incredible steak – the truth is in the taste.

A history of quality beef

In 1953, the Kennedy family began supplying local butchers around the Kilcoy area trading under the name Kilcoy Pastoral Company. The name became synonymous with the Kilcoy region and the Blue Diamond logo an instantly recognisable icon of the area and well beyond. Today, the company has changed names and grown to a global food solutions business, yet the Blue Diamond icon remains, a testament to it delivering consistently high quality product for over 60 years.

Kilcoy Blue Diamond

Our original branded offering, Kilcoy Blue Diamond is premium 100-day Grain Fed Beef done exceptionally well. With stable pricing and portion control solutions, Kilcoy Blue Diamond is the obvious choice.

Kilcoy Black Diamond

Taking Kilcoy Diamond to the next level, Kilcoy Black Diamond is minimum 100-day Grain Fed Beef done exceptionally well. Kilcoy Black Diamond is guaranteed to have a marble score 2+. Black Diamond is the next level in quality beef.


We work closely with governing industry organisations and our supply chain to ensure we meet the highest quality standards for every part of our process, including traceability, safety, hygiene and product integrity. Read more about our commitment to quality.


As a key member of and contributor to the Kilcoy community, we recognise our obligation to ensure effective environmental management, is an integral part of our operation. Read more about our strategies for environmental performance.


At Kilcoy Global Foods we believe the considerate treatment and humane handling of our livestock is our obligation. All of our livestock handlers are fully trained and competent to AMIC standards ensuring our cattle are treated with respect and receive the quality of care we demand. Read more about our procedures for ensuring humane handling.

At Kilcoy Global Foods, we are grain-fed specialists. We produce world-class grain-fed beef, nothing else. That is why we do it so well.

Renowned Quality

Our original branded offering, Kilcoy Blue Diamond is premium 100-day Grain Fed Beef done exceptionally well. Over the years it’s proven its reputation as a consistent and reliable product with exceptional flavour and tenderness.

Kilcoy Blue Diamond

Decadence Has Arrived

Only Carrara 640 Wagyu is created to honour the magical marble. Displaying an intricate, feathery pattern and distinguished as the world’s finest.

Carrara 640 Wagyu

Experience Exceptional

Ebony is produced from carefully selected prime quality Black Angus cattle – one of the oldest standing breeds of cattle - and grain finished for a minimum of 120 days.

Ebony Black Angus

MSA Graded Beef

AAWCS Certified Livestock Welfare Systems

AUS-MEAT Accredited